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Monday, 26 July 2004
Late Breaking News...
Mood:  incredulous
This just in:
Wisteriax will perform a set of cello-noise-improv-music(?) at Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain on Tuesday July 27th. (yep, that's tomorrow night, folks)

Also on the bill are:
Secret Diary (Donna Parker & Jessica Rylan)
Krap Ghost (members of Ho-Ag & Neptune)
Bullock/Rawlings/Kerbaj trio (experimental bass/cello/trumpet - Kerbaj is on tour from Lebanon)

Should be an exciting show. Hope to see you there!

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Tuesday, 20 July 2004
Middle East show...
Click here to see artistic photos of Ajda & Karen from Middle East Club...

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Updated: Tuesday, 20 July 2004 9:38 AM EDT

Tuesday, 13 July 2004
Mood:  lyrical
Just wanted to let folks know that I have some upcoming shows in the Boston area. Here are some confirmed dates for July:

Wisteriax will perform at PAN9 in Allston, MA
Saturday July 17th, around 9PM
The theme for this one is "Good vs. Evil."
Video Artist extrordinaire Lena will be projecting some of her work during my set!
If you need directions to the PAN9 collective, e-mail me: wisteriax (at) wisteriax (dot) com

I'll also be sitting in with Turkish Queen on Monday July 19th at Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA. Check the MidEast website for show details.

And last but not least, my band The Sob Sisters will perform a set at PA's Lounge on July 31st. Other acts include storyteller Andrew Mungo, Paul Angelosanto, Tim Mungenast, and more...
345 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA
Saturday July 31st
Show starts at 9PM
$5 cover, 21+

(There's also one more unconfirmed wisteriax gig for July - I'll update this post when I have more info.)

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Updated: Tuesday, 13 July 2004 4:36 PM EDT

Wednesday, 7 July 2004
Herrells Ice Cream set...

Turkish Queen

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On the Herrells bill...

Michael Bloom

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Show date
I know this is last minute, but I have a show tonight! If you're not busy, come down to Herrell's Ice Cream shop in Allston to hear me play a quick opening improv for my friends Turkish Queen. Should be fun!

(I love ice cream, so I am pretty psyched about this one.)

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Monday, 21 June 2004
(Phone Post)Hello bloggie! This is ...
(Phone Post)Hello bloggie! This is a remote post.

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Friday, 18 June 2004
(Phone Post)Hello bloggie! ...
(Phone Post)Hello bloggie!

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Moblogging is cool

Just trying out the new moblog feature that Tripod offers. (And wishing I had one of those camera phones so I could post pictures of the lava lamp on my desk, ha.)

Anyway, sometime I promise to tell you more about that Women Take Back the Noise compilation. It will not be out until Fall or Winter 04, but I am very excited about the calibre of some of the other artists on it. (having an "i'm not worthy" moment, excuse me)

Oh...While we're on the subject of high calibre artists, I am also really psyched that Jami Sieber's new album is out on CD Baby. Some of the tracks were recorded during her visit with the Thai Elephant Orchestra! I'm hoping to go to one of her cd release parties locally so I can buy the cd right from the artist, so I have not ordered it from CD Baby yet. (counting myself lucky that she's playing some shows in MA this month!)

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Thursday, 17 June 2004
Hello Emaline!
Mood:  special
So it looks like I'll be playing a few shows this summer with the charming Emaline Delapaix from Australia. I'll be accompanying her on the New England leg of her tour, but she's got some fantastic cellists who'll be performing with her in other areas too. You can read about them all in Emaline's Blog.

In other news, remind me to tell you sometime about the great things I've been hearing about the Women Take Back the Noise compilation I mentioned earlier. I've submitted my track, and it was very well received!

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